Why You Don’t Have to be an Influencer to Have an Influence


It’s a special panic attack that sets in at 2 am when you’ve been on social media just a little too long. You know the kind. Suddenly you start asking yourself questions like:


“Will I ever be capable of living a life that looks like THAT?!” “Why can’t I ever get my color scheme to look cohesive on the ‘gram?” Maybe I just don’t deserve to have good things happen to me.” “OMG WHO IS THAT GIRL IN HIS TAGGED PHOTOS, WHY DOES HE LOVE HER AND NOT ME?!”

Anxiety kicks in faster then a Venti Starbucks and your mind starts spinning out of control. You go from looking at a picture of a girl showing off her #ootd to feeling totally incompetent at dressing yourself and suddenly you’re reliving the 7th grade when you ate lunch alone in the bathroom every day (or was that just me?).


Your mind becomes a drunk ballerina, sashaying and twirling all the way to crazy town, a town where no one loves you and you’re destined to fail at anything you try.


Pause. Put down your phone, and take a deep breath.

Ok pick ur phone back up so you can keep reading...


Your life is beautiful, even if you’re still figuring out how to edit your photos the way you want.

Your future is limitless, even if you haven’t seen how it’s all going to work out.

And the truth is, even if you don’t have 100k followers or 100k in the bank, you still have 100k chances to create the life you want.

It’s also important to remember you don’t NEED to have those things to have joy RIGHT NOW.

You don’t NEED a penthouse or a platform.

I KNOW THATS MIND-BLOWING BUT ILL SAY IT AGAIN, NOT EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HAVE A PLATFORM. No one NEEDS it. It’s EQUALLY (if not more) important to touch the lives of those around you as it is to touch 100k ppl on Twitter. I mean hell, why are you touching that many ppl anyways that just sounds slutty...

Somehow us millennial tech-babies have gotten this idea in our mind that we all need to be “influencers” to have an influence on the world.

Do you know how many social media influencers have actually influenced my life? Maybe 4 or 5. Do you know how many ppl in my REAL LIFE have DEEPLY influenced my life? Probably more like 500+.


Let’s break this down a little. What is the worth of a human soul?

Any guesses?


We are infinite. What’s infinity plus 100k? Still infinity. What’s infinity minus 100k? Still infinity. One human life is equal to millions.

To love even one person perfectly is to do all you’ve come here to do and more.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn your life into a work of art, to express your creativity and have a voice in the world. Those are innate human desires. IT IS V. NORMAL TO WANT TO BE INCREDIBLE. It’s our destiny to create, to progress, and to become like our Creator.

Like the universe, our destiny is to expand.

But your life was never intended to look like hers or his or anyone else’s. You were never meant to grow at the same speed as anyone else.

Your life is intended to be YOUR masterpiece, filled with the things that bring YOU joy, receiving those things at the time that is right for YOU, no matter how “cool” those things make you.

Your life was intended to be an act of love, and if that act of love is just for you or for one other person, you will have a butterfly effect on this world for good.

So give yourself, and someone else a hug, take a deep breath, and get some sleep.

And create something beautiful tomorrow.

What more can you ask for than that?

What more need you give to this world than that?

You, as you are right now, are enough.

You are more than enough.

You are infinite.