athletic glam

creating a look that is sporty, edgy, and still pulled together isn't always easy, you have to be daring and willing to try something new. so here are some tips to get a similar look.

1. ponytails don't have to be perfect.

the whole point of a ponytail is that it's the perfect "i didn't try too hard" look that you want when you are trying to look more relaxed and sporty. i still like my ponytails to look messy-sleek, especially on the top.

2. structured hoodie

i am completely obsessed with this hoodie I bought in Beijing, it's super edgy and fashion forward. at first i couldn't decide if i loved it, since it's definitely different, but this risky piece has become a staple hoodie for fall/winter.

3. cut-out leggings

i love cut outs, when done right they take a normal piece and make them va va vooommm. these velvet cut out leggings are from the sale rack at forever 21. yay for cheap clothing! they take the "casual leggings look" and step it up a notch.

4. all american kicks

these star spangled sneakers are from vans. normally my instinct would be to pair the hoodie+leggings with black boots, but these vans are what finish the piece as an edgy-sporty look.

check out details on this makeup look -> here.<-

photos by the incredible Kelsi Lou

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