high tea

my friends and i have HUGE dreams.

dreams to create, explore, and travel.

my best friend becca and I talk about living in paris ALL the time. one day perhaps, dreams will come true, but a taste of that dream came a little sooner than anticipated.

when i head that the grand america hotel in salt lake city has a fancy afternoon tea, I was completely obsessed and booked reservations the very next day.

there is nothing like paying $24 for an imaginary trip to europe with your best friend, the week before she goes back to nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a country artist, while i stay in utah to pursue my dreams of attaining a college education while becoming miss utah usa. 

the server poured hot water on a green tea flower, and we watched it bloom before our very eyes. just for decoration, this is a beautiful centerpiece idea.

strawberries and cream chantilly appetizer

english scone with clotted cream, strawberry jam, and lemon cream

five finger sandwiches

selection of a beverage: i went with the mint melange, and becca chose the chamomile citron

keeping it herbal up in here, but they also had a wide selection of caffeinated tea if that is what you're into, and some DELICIOUS looking hot chocolate.

assortment of afternoon tea pastries

our afternoon was completely enchanted.

spoiler alert: for all of my photographer friends out there, who may have europe on their minds... keep it there and start saving, a workshop opportunity of a lifetime will be announced soon... ;)

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