Oh Hello Kenya

UT -> MN -> Amsterdam

Met these way rad guys, Dylan and Wheeler, in Amsterdam's airport. They were coming from Nairobi, where they had been working on their documentary, which focuses on the first Muslim fraternity in Texas. 

Amsterdam -> Nairobi, Kenya

Last night we landed in Kenya, and rounded up for a prayer circle before going through customs. We luckily made it through without any major issues, but on the drive to the mission home we are staying in, the police pulled us over and told us they were arresting us. 3000 shillings handed over (they originally demanded 9000), and we were allowed to continue on our way.


Pandoar: House of Peace

The mission house we are staying in today,

before we fly out to Marsebit, Kenya; tomorrow morning.

Peter the Guard

Peter very kindly followed me out of the missionary compound

to keep watch as I took some photographs of the area.


Grace has been working at the missionary hostel for fifteen years.

Today is the Saba Saba rally.

“Saba Saba” means “Seven Seven” in Swahili, standing for July 7th. Thousands of Kenyans are protesting in Uhuru Park, about 5 miles from the mission home. The anti-government demonstration in the capital’s central park has been met with over 15,000 armed officers deployed by the police. Raila Odinga, former prime minister organized the rally to protest the government’s failures, seeking power for his party. The country is on high alert, on the lookout for Somalia’s Al Shebab gunmen, which are linked to Al-Qaeda. Al Shebab, the Al Qaeda branch, resents Kenya’s military presence in Somalia, and has vowed to seek revenge today as a result. 

Al Shebab claimed responsibility for this weekend’s attacks on Kenya’s coastal region, where over 21 were killed.

It is very tense today in Kenya.

I was not allowed to photograph the rally for safety purposes.

Tomorrow Medical Teams Worldwide and I will fly out to Marsebit in a single engine plane, approximately 300 miles away.

We will provide medical care to the impoverished children and adult locals.

Nairobi, Kenya -> Marsebit, Kenya


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