pineapple coconut water

swap out your soda and sugary juices for a healthier alternative: pineapple coconut water!

coconut water is a fantastic fluid for electrolyte balance (a million times better than a sports drink). it contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, plus a small amount of zinc, copper, and selenium. perfect for a post-hike quench on a hot summer day. 

best served chilled.

coconut water has a very distinct flavor that some people (me) find to be a little uncomfortable, so i always take mine with 100% pineapple juice. you can mix it yourself or buy the canned variety. I would recommend Natural Cabana imported from Thailand. 

Pineapple contains a powerful anti-inflammatory digestive compound that breaks down protein and boosts overall digestion.  When eaten fresh, it helps maintain a flat belly and minimize bloating. Moderation is key as it is high in natural fruit sugar.  This yummy tropical treat is also rich in vitamin B6 and copper, which assist keeping your hair strong and vibrant. Another great source of natural hydration.

Garnished with a sugar cane swizzle stick, which releases a sweet juice of its own when chewed.

I am very comfortable using my fruit as a centerpiece. Placed next to soft sweet baby's breath flowers, it is a bold summery statement piece to liven up a white room.