Please Gentlemen, Be Gentle

I have been so blessed with some fantastic modeling opportunities, but somewhere along the line I believe some lines got crossed about the "kind of girl" I am.

men offering me money for photos in my underwear.

late night booty-call text messages

and my personal favorite:

reporting  and personally expressing that  a photograph of me in an evening gown by Nephi Garcia  was "sexually explicit."


thanks ;)

but no thanks.

see here's the thing: I understand modesty. I appreciate, respect, and value modesty. Some of the most beautiful women in the world never expose their shoulders and knee caps.

but wearing a strapless dress does not make me a prostitute, or mean that I am going to sleep with you. blaming your late night sleazy texts on my choice of accepting a modeling job that doesn't adhere to your label of a "good girl" is judgmental and unfair.

I shouldn't have to defend my virtue, but I understand if it is a consequence of choosing to work in an industry that I love,. So here it goes:

no you cannot see or touch my unclothed body for cash.

no I will not kiss you if I don't want to, and if i do, that natural human desire does not mean you suddenly have an all access pass.

to clarify further, I'm never going to sleep with you, I'm waiting for marriage, for my one day husband.

and the inability to control ones thoughts while viewing a photo of a girl in a silver sparkly evening gown, does not mean that picture is pornography or that you need to make comments or ask questions about whether I still love Jesus, or whether I've "changed."

of course I've changed. I change every day. I talk to God every day about those changes and what He thinks  of them, and try to adjust accordingly.

modeling is a job, my wardrobe is a costume. My body is still sacred to me.

women are soft, kind, divine, beautiful, and sacred beings

please, treat us gently;

with your words, your hands, your thoughts.

i am doing my very best to be a lady.