A Prayer for Safety + LA Adventure

The drive to Vegas began with a prayer for safety, and afterwards my best friend becca chimed in with:


"God, keep us mostly safe, don't let anything bad happen unless it is necessary."


Well, God answered us and He answered us very specifically because shortly after we said our prayers, a terrifying hail storm hit, and my car started sliding everywhere. The speed limit was 80mph and the car behind us was moving even faster,

and moments later

the car behind us slammed into us

but we were completely fine.

The crash didn't hurt us at all and my car was barely dented. other drivers weren't so fortunate, but coincidentally one of the other cars involved was a family i knew so i felt very safe and calm. it also turned out that an older lady in her 80's had slid off the road a while earlier and had been trapped in her car, so our little crash was a miracle in disguise. because the police found her when they came and were able to help pull her out.

God answers prayers. 

Prayer doesn't equate immortality. Bad things happen. Accidents happen. We will all eventually die of something regardless of what we pray to not die from. But prayer still works miracles. It allows greater blessings. To be hit at 80 mph with no injury and barely any damages is a miracle. Some would attribute that to luck, I choose to attribute it to God. whatever perspective best suits you, I respect completely.

Either way, we had an amazing trip.


Lunch at Buddha's Belly in Santa Monica was amazing.

We explored Santa Monica's Urban Street Style,

And ended up at a UCLA frat party...

As we spent the majority of the trip at a UCLA sorority house.

And then headed back home on the open road...

Returning back to Utah.

Returning back to Utah.