Rachel Slawson

I'm a native California girl, but I've called many places home. I picked up my laid back hipster vibes from Washington state, my love for travel from living overseas in Beijing China, my passion for God from my time spent in Utah, and friends from all walks of life from my years spent traveling. First and foremost, I'm a writer. I'm on a quest to infuse my life with beauty, and document light and goodness. I also am passionate about humanitarian aid, public speaking, modeling, and acting. And perhaps most importantly, I am a strong supporter of celebrating "Taco Tuesday" every day.

The Blog

"Salty Rachel" has been blossoming since 2012. Today it is a space where readers come to find relatable truths about God, love, and emotional health. I also sprinkle in inspiration about travel, beauty, music, and social good. This blog is a reminder that all difficult things can be endured, and bright hope is always ahead.

Press & Mentions

International Business Times, NYC